Excited for the future…

I actually have a plan. I’ve sat back and let things “go with the flow” for way to long. It’s done nothing but stress me out. I get caught off guard by the ever changing ways of life and I have no plan to get me by until I’m on stable ground again. 

I’m most likely transferring over to the Methuen Subway. It’s a job offer now. It gives me time to pay my bills and time to sit down work on my resume and actually try to find a job that I can utilize my degree in. 

I talked to Earl today about how owning houses works. I was excited to know that it’s actually possible to own a house. I’ve always seen owning your house as this benefit only available to people who make amazing money. Now I realize that with saving a decent but relatively small amount of money and getting my credit back on track I have a definite opportunity to own a house. A house of my very own. A house that I have complete control over. Stability. It sounds nice doesn’t it!? 

So, I’m going to work at Subway, work on getting a better job, and have a savings account DEDICATED to buying a house. Once I have worked all those things out I’m going back to school. I’m going to finally finish school. And when I graduate my present to myself will be my very own house. A house to start a family in, a house to build a life in, a house to make memories in, and a house to die happy in. 

Posted at 18:11 on Wednesday 18 January 2012
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  1. justind24 said: Sounds like a good plan! The more money you put down, the lower the mortgage and % of money you on top of it goes down for borrowing, it’s like never to early to save for a home, it will only help in the future! And school is an awesome idea!
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